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Things You Didn't Know Make Your Property Unattractive To Potential Tenants

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Finding the right tenants for your property is a pivotal step in making sure you are benefiting from a steady rental income. However, there are certain specific factors that can make your property less attractive to potential renters, even if you think you have a desirable or appealing rental price and overall property.

In this article, we will explore together some lesser-known aspects that could be turning away potential tenants.

Noise Pollution

Excessive noise can be a major deterrent for renters especially if your is located near a busy road, construction site, or near some noisy neighbors. This can obviously impact the quality of living and make it less desirable in their eyes.

We’ve all experienced noise disturbances from adjacent units or external sources at one point. If your property lacks proper soundproofing measures and this is disrupting the tenants' peace and quiet, consider investing in soundproofing materials, such as acoustic insulation, double-glazed windows, or thick curtains, to minimize noise transmission and create a more serene living environment.

Natural Light

Natural light is highly valued by everyone as it contributes to a brighter and more inviting living space. According to this Denver property management company if your property has small windows, obstructed views, or faces a direction that limits sunlight, it can make the interior feel gloomy and unappealing, which can give a very cave-like feeling, and it’s safe to say that nobody wants to feel like their home is a dark cave.

Fortunately, this can be fixed with some minor adjustments. So to address this issue, you can start by installing larger windows, using lighter paint colors in order to open up the space more, or strategically placing mirrors to reflect natural light and create a more spacious and vibrant atmosphere.

Lack Of Sustainable Features

As the years go by, tenants are increasingly seeking properties with sustainable features that help reduce their carbon footprint and lower utility bills. If your property lacks energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, recycling facilities, or water-saving fixtures, it can be perceived as outdated and environmentally unfriendly.

By implementing sustainable practices and features you not only attract eco-conscious tenants but this also helps reduce long-term operating costs on your property.

Limited Parking Options

Parking is a significant concern for tenants who have a car or even multiple ones, especially in urban areas or properties with limited parking spaces. If your property lacks dedicated parking spots or convenient access to parking facilities, you can see why it can be a major drawback.

Explore the options you have, such as allocating parking spaces, partnering with nearby parking lots, or providing information about public transportation alternatives to alleviate parking concerns.

Unattractive View

Having access to natural, beautiful views can greatly enhance the appeal of a property in the eyes of renters. If your property lacks attractive views, such as overlooking a beautiful landscape, park, or waterfront, it may be less desirable to the tenants who envision themselves waking up to the sounds of the birds chirping from the little park next door.

And while realistically, you can’t move the property overnight to a more nature-filled area, you can consider enhancing the outdoor space with landscaping, creating garden areas, or adding features like a balcony or patio to provide tenants with an enjoyable outdoor experience.


Amenities can also set a property apart from others, as tenants value amenities that enhance their living experience. If your property lacks the basic desirable amenities such as laundry facilities, parking spaces as we’ve discussed above, or communal areas, people may feel uncertain about the convenience and overall quality of the living environment they will choose for themselves.

More of these key amenities you really want to be attentive f are gyms, pools, nearby public transportation, and dog parks, for the tenants who have furry companions.

Location and Neighborhood

The location of a property is actually a significant consideration for tenants that can make or break a deal for them. If the property is situated in an undesirable neighborhood or has a negative reputation, they may question the safety, convenience, and overall desirability of the area in which your estate is located.

You can make them feel more at peace by highlighting any positive aspects of the neighborhood, such as nearby amenities, parks, or public transportation options, to counteract any negative perceptions.


Being able to understand the factors that make tenants unsure is key to addressing their desires and increasing the likelihood of securing tenants. By addressing these little issues proactively, you can enhance the desirability of your property and instill confidence in the renter community, leading to increased interest and successful lease agreements.

A property manager can highlight the property's unique selling points, amenities, and alluring aspects to intrigue potential tenants. They are skilled professionals who understand the target renter demographic and can tailor marketing strategies accordingly, utilizing various platforms to reach a wider audience.

Get in touch with us today and learn more about our services.

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